Lazy jB angus Donors

Lazy JB Queen Latifah 925

Moore Beef X lazy JB Queen 425
Registration # 16396360
DOB: 03/10/2009

The “original” Queen Latifah and our leading donor. Queen Latifah was the 2010 ROV Show Heifer of the Year and claimed many titles during her show career. A larger framed cow loved by many worldwide we have visitors from across the globe visit annually just to see her. She is the dam of not only good females that go on to be great cows but also a leading bull producer as well.



Lazy JB Blackbird Zena 428

Lazy JB Bacardi 8000 X Lazy JB Blackbird 928
Registration# 17913650
DOB: 04/03/2014

428’s first calf “Sundance 6428” was purchased by Herbster Angus Farm and is a leading sire and widely used heifer bull. This moderately designed female is unmatched for her mass, thickness and foot size and quality. Her impeccable udder and front end make her a front pasture design kind of cow and she stamps that same look and quality into her offspring. She was Reserve in her division at the 2015 National Junior Angus Show and Reserve Grand female at the 2015 Western Idaho ROV Angus Show. Her ability to put power and look into all of her calves is undeniable; commercial cattlemen love her muscle, power, frame size and overall quality and the showring loves her for her added look and balance. She’s the best of both worlds and a do it all kind of cow.


Lazy JB Destiny 307

WK Uptown X Lazy JB Destiny 701
Registration# 17566078
DOB: 05/21/2013

Our most moderate sized donor at Lazy JB but one that offers so many unique qualities. 307 was shown at the side of her mother Destiny 701 as a cow calf pair and the duo was undefeated. Much like her mother this female carries the same upper and lower rib shape, incredible feet and leg structure and beautifully constructed utter. Calves out of this female have topped both our heifer and bull sales. Not only is she built incredibly well, but her EPD profile allows for her to be versatile in many herds throughout the country.


Lazy JB Blackbird 928

WK Foresight 7023 X Lazy JB Blackbird 628
Registration# 16534593
DOB: 04/20/2009

Pictured at 9 years of age there is no denying this female is absolutely stunning. You’ll be hard pressed to find another female that at this age has the kind of utter and foot and leg quality of this female. She never misses in production and is a hard cow to find something you just don’t like. She has raised sale topping bulls and females that are now either in the donor pen at Lazy JB or have reached the same status at other ranches across the U.S.


Lazy JB Queen Latifah 525 “BG”

Dameron C-5 American Classic X Lazy JB Queen Latifah 925
Registration # 18211737
DOB: 02/21/2015

BG is no stranger to the backdrop as she claimed runner-up Heifer Calf Champion of the year in 2015-16 and 4th overall show heifer of the year and 5th overall Junior Champion Female of the year in 2016-2017. She got a piece of every Supreme Champion drive she competed in! Competitively shown by Hailie Conley of Canada, the duo were known throughout the country as BG was one of the stoutest, biggest ribbed females shown that year. We are very excited to add this young female to our donor pen.


Lazy JB Queen Noel 017       

Moore Beef X Lazy JB Queen Noel 317

Registration #16681103
DOB: 02/03/2010

Noel 017 is a very unique donor in that she stands on more bone and is stouter built than your traditional Angus! We love her versatility in that you can breed her to about anything and come out ahead. In 2015 one of her daughters was the 2nd high selling female in our fall online sale and went on to win many jackpots in Texas and claim a division in Fort Worth. Look for her calves to be featured in upcoming sales and future donors.

Lazy JB Destiny 701         
WK New Design 5474 x Lazy JB Destiny 101
Registration #15822340
DOB: 4/10/10

Destiny 701 is the progeny of the superior sire, "5474" - his females are proven outstanding dams in the Lazy JB Angus herd.  The Destiny cow family stems from "Right Time Barbara" who's influence is seen throughout the herd.  This cow family has produced numerous bull and female champions as well.

At the age of 7 Destiny 701 won 3 ROV Angus Cow/Calf Grand Championships.  Destiny 701 raised exceptional bull calves as a first calf heifer. She is the dam of the popular and numerous time champion, Lazy JB Destiny 001. This female won numerous local, state and national champions for David Smith, Boulder, CO.


Lazy JB First Round
Lazy JB Destiny 701
2008 NILE
Lazy JB Destiny 001
Lazy JB Destiny 701
2013 WISF

Destiny 701's Show Record:

2013 NILE ROV Angus Grand Champion Cow/Calf 
2013 Kansas State Fair ROV Angus Grand Champion Cow/Calf 
2013 Idaho State Fair ROV Angus Grand Champion Cow/Calf 
2008 NILE ROV Angus Grand Champion Female
2009 ROV Arizona National Livestock Show Res. Grand
2008 CO State Fair Grand Champion Angus (Open & Junior)
2008 CO State Fair CO Bred & Owned Angus
2008 NM State Fair Grand Champion Angus
2008 CJAA Golden Trend Res. Grand Champion B & O

Lazy JB Blackbird 021
WK Foresight 7023 x Lazy JB Blackbird 691
Registration #16780813
DOB:  3/09/10

Blackbird 021’s first calf topped our 2012 sale selling for $21,500 to Sweet T Land & Cattle and her heifer calves continue to demand attention with another daughter selling for $20,500 in our 2014 sale . The mother of breed changing sire Lazy JB Tito, this young donor dam has secured her place at Lazy JB Angus. Watch for more progeny and embryos to be offered.


Lazy JB Dezi

Lazy JB Tito 4914

Lazy JB Paris
DOB: 2/26/12

Werner Queen Latifah 100
Mytty In Focus x Lazy JB Queen Latifah 925
Reg# 16891415

Latifah 100 is the first natural calf of Latifah 925 and showed alongside her mother to help her claim 2010-2011 ROV Angus Show Heifer of the Year. All of Latifah 100’s progeny have been retained thus far and are in the Lazy JB herd. Latifah 100 was placed into our donor roundup spring 2015 and has rightfully earned this position as she hasn’t missed in terms of outstanding progeny. A tremendous donor averaging 30 eggs per flush; watch for embryos and offspring to be offered soon!